The Notorious Doc’s Obsession with New Artists

Harry Leo Duran (1956-2021) was a board certified occupational medicine physician and a board certified addiction medicine specialist.

He did a 6 year residency in neurosurgery, but was fired from the University of New Mexico within weeks of completing the program and being recommended for the boards.

Dr. Duran was a narcissist and a psychopath.  He was also an art collector.  I, his wife, inherited several extremely expensive pieces. These pieces are in a storage unit until I can find buyers.

One of which is a Jo Jo Jilbert scrap metal portrait of Duran.

Duran purchased two oils from David E. Veliz.

This piece was believed to be a portrait of the hip hop artist Gwen Stefani. Veliz told me in person that it is a portrait of a model in California who looks just like Stefani.  Duran paid $3,500 for it.

Veliz sold it to Duran for $6,100 and he wishes he could afford to purchase it back from me as he believes it’s his best work.

Duran also purchased an unusual work by Luisa Leal.

This work hung in a. restaurant in the Ogden called Itsy Bitsy.  Itsy Bitsy is now closed.

I sent an email and text to the Leal, but never heard back.

He also purchased SEVERAL pieces of Lego art and had a few commissioned from Chris Ihle.  One piece alone cost $3,500.  I have the receipt.

Harry died penniless.  I blog about his insanity and about his death.  To promote the Tell All Book I’ve written about him which is being revised more into a memoir, I created an author platform and YouTube channel.

I am moving to Crossville, Tennessee.  I’m having an Armstrong Steel 1800 square foot barndominium built on 4.3 acres in the woods on the Cumberland Plateau.  On one trip across the country with a friend of mine, we plan on taking all of my books and small items and the art to put into storage in Tennessee. With luck and a lot of prayers, I hope to sell the art to dealers and collectors on the way.

Pray for me. Duran stole over $500,000 of mostly MY savings and spent it on a lavish debauched lifestyle. The book will reveal all the evidence I found on his phones, in his emails, and in his Facebook Messenger messages. It will fry most of your minds. Thanks to Brian Thomas Mott, the art was salvaged. I now need to find buyers so I can pay for appliances in my new home. A home in a state where I will have no memories of the Notorious Doc!


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