Violet Flame Wizard and Tesla’s Purple Plates

Amandeep Singh is one of, if not the most interesting humans I have ever met, and I’m thrilled to call him my friend. He lives in Jalandhar, India and we talk “on the phone” through Facebook Messenger. I live in Nevada so that’s the Pacific Time Zone and Amandeep lives in the India Time Zone. Surprisingly, the audio is far superior on Facebook than it is on my cellphone!

Amandeep is a Wizard and Joshua P. Warren is the WIZARD OF WEIRD! Because it is essential to pay attention to synchronicities, I felt I had to take advantage of the opportunity to study with Josh and wear the “Tesla” pendant and bracelet while meditating using Amandeep’s violet flame sigil.

On November 28, 022, Joshua P. Warren offered his video course for only $99. PayPal lets you pay for purchases over $100 over a period of six months, so I took advantage of the sale and also bought Josh’s Purple Energy Kit which came with a 78-page PDF. I am only displaying a screen shot from the front page. If you want the book, order the pendant from the Curiosity Shop.

LET”S JUST SAY IT WORKS! If you go back through my blog, I wrote that I had to go to the urgent care for injections to treat GAMEKEEPER’S THUMB. For the past few months, I feared I’d have to go back for another set of injections – and let me say those needles go way under the skin and into the tendon and are enough to make you faint.

WELL! I don’t have to. I first started wearing the bracelet on my left wrist because I’m right-handed, but the other day I switched to my right and the pain is GONE!

Now back to Amandeep.

NOW do you see the synchronicity?

And if that wasn’t enough to show a connection across time and space, remember my blog post about Maa Baglamukhi?

I didn’t know Amandeep existed when I posted that. He didn’t know I existed either. We didn’t meet on Facebook until a month had passed.

So, when Amandeep posted that he had made this video, I flipped out. TOTALLY flipped. out. I had been trying since 2014 to get someone at the temple to respond to me in English. I had several exchanges but they were in a mix of Hindi and broken HELLO and I gave up.

Amandeep introduces the tour of the temple in English and then switches to Hindi so speakers on both continents can follow along.

And to back up in time, on June 9, 2021, I got an invitation to attend a Purple Flame Meditation. I took this screen shot at the time.

Click on the screenshot from my Facebook post and it will take you to the 15-minute Violet Flame Meditation.

And although I no longer have the polaroid, or I have no idea where it is, when I had my photo taken with a Kirlian photographer, I was surrounded by deep blue orbs and I looked a BIT like this photo. Everyone gasped because I was violet. Yup. And purple is my FAVORITE color!

To sum up, you can send Amandeep a Facebook Messenger greeting and tell him you just read this. You can purchase all of Joshua P. Warren’s amazing manifestation tools on his website. And you watch the Violet Flame video for free!


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